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Interested in scheduling an event at Hess Ice Rink?

Birthday parties at Hess are held during the 2:15 -4:15 PM public skate sessions on Saturdays and Sundays.



Party room charge: $50.00

Skaters: $10.00 per person
- Includes Admission, Skate Rental

Group Rate (25+ Skaters): $7.00 per person
- Includes Admission, Skate Rental

Party Room Setup & Decor: 

We allow organizers into the room no earlier than 1 hour before the session:

- Please NO confetti, glitter, pinatas, or silly string in the facility
- We ask that you use wall safe tape for any signs/posters
- Please tie balloons to weights
- You may also bring in any food, non-alcoholic beverages, or tableware you prefer
- The party room has 3 tables that seat 6 chairs each and 1 long table that is used for

Please select "Get Started" below to contact our staff and schedule your party or call us at the rink!

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